Resilient Development made Sustainably

The concept of Sustainability is one of the most complex objectives of decision-makers at all levels. The Sustainability center of excellence (SCE) at CMU focuses on multitudes of interrelated management and leadership concepts to achieve Sustainability in today's volatile world.

I4CE addresses the sector's need for DBA/MBA graduates with the relevant digital management skills that cover the breadth and depth required in the modern industry based on Industry 4.0.

SCE concentrates on applied research and development (R&D) initiatives turning them into practical solutions that provide an attractive investment source.

SCE investigates the key trends and challenges nations and corporations face and what they're doing to manage modern society's future in an era of continued turbulence and unpredictable jolts. It also provides the leading research, publications, achievements, interviews with business leaders and expert commentators on their Sustainability experience and what can be done to create a resilient future.

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