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Transformation is about perspective management and leadership. Transformation Research concentrates on crafting a sufficiently high aspiration regarding the significance of the necessary changes or crafting a reform narrative that convinces people to embark on the journey of transformation. CMU’s transformation practitioners at the Transformation Center of Excellence (TCE) offer insights and solutions on what it takes for benefactors to achieve their strategic and operational objectives.

TCE addresses businesses' need for DBA/MBA graduates with the relevant persuasive technology management skills that cover the breadth and depth required in the modern virtual world.

TCE concentrates on applied research and development (R&D) initiatives turning them into practical solutions that provide an attractive investment source to support the ongoing research.

TCE investigates the key trends and challenges nations and corporations face in managing the required transformation to manage modern society's adaptability requirements. It also provides the leading research, publications, achievements, interviews with business leaders and expert commentators on their Transformation experience and what can be done to make change happen.

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